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tricia thom

Tricia Thom is an Edinburgh-based ceramicist who trained at Gray’s School of Art in Aberdeen before going on to work in the ceramics industry in the Highlands. Her work takes references from a love of Japanese aesthetics and is an expression of her desire to exploit the tactile nature of the material. Teapots and moon jars speak to her as symbols of community and ritual, and the enjoyment of the process of making these forms is what drives her.

Working predominantly in porcelain on the wheel, some surfaces are punctuated rhythmically inside and out, expressing the fine translucency of the clay, others are treated with bold, calligraphic brush strokes which contrast with the conformity of form.

She has been a resident artist at the Adam Pottery, Edinburgh since 2013, but also works from her new home studio and teaches ceramics in and around the Edinburgh area.

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