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shelagh atkinson

Shelagh Atkinson was born in Scotland in 1959. Her early studies were in Social Psychology and later communication at Napier University, Edinburgh. She is a multi-disciplinary artist, exploring printmaking, painting and drawing, who has always been interested in people, politics and place. Shelagh’s most recent work explores the personal landscapes of the mind through the medium of printmaking. Her way of working focusses on the building up of layers and the stories woven between them; stories of personal identity and connectedness. In her own words, ‘The urban and natural environments which I inhabit feeds the process, the use of colour reflects the abundance of seeing, the experience, the felt force of these environments.’ Shelagh gained her professional membership of Visual Arts Scotland in 2008. Her work has been exhibited widely, with pieces in permanent collections including the Scottish National Portrait Gallery, Royal Bank of Scotland, Glasgow Women’s Art Library and the Scottish National Museum. Most recently, she was selected to receive an archive award by the Art 360 Foundation, which gives professional support to artists to develop their archives and make visible their life’s work.

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