tenderness in fingertips by lucy gray
Lucy Gray
tenderness in fingertips
mixed media sculpture
46.0 x 57.0 cm

See how the colour of me runs off your tongue like rain.

In this spell we stroke each other into a tree,

hawthorn – heart tree – unmistakably.

Each curve, gnarl, whorl, exposed root,

contour of bark, telltale of moss

a story of eroticism, of form, of life.


There, in the living wood I see the

Ruadh of winter fox, of trout spots,

of red-deer flank during the moult,

of eagle in dying light, in rising light.

I see the beauty of humanity –

the tenderness in fingertips

the faithful rise and fall of rib cage,

hearts feeding longing and fire

into kin and cultivation, art and hearth.