tamsin cunningham
fine liner pen and watercolour
42.0 x 60.0 cm
44.0 x 62.0 cm (framed)

These drawings are my way of exploring the threads that run between ourselves, our senses, our thoughts and feelings, and the natural world around us. My work is heavily influenced by the philosophy of phenomenology: the careful study of direct sensory, emotional and intuitive perception. The precept and practice of phenomenology is formed around an understanding that, try as we might to separate our minds from the world, our reality can only be experienced through embodiment within it. Phenomenology, like many indigenous philosophies, acknowledges that we are a part of ‘the flesh of the world’, that perception is a matter of dialogue with the non-human, that we are always in relationship and conversation with the trees, animals, birds, weather, mountains, rivers and caves around us and that as with all relationships, these connections are stronger when acknowledged, respected, listened to and shown thanks.

The three drawings seen here form part of The Liminal Compass: a body of work inspired by the extraordinary subterranean landscape of the Tayos Cave which lies deep in the south-eastern region of Ecuador’s Amazonian rainforest, in the foothills of the Andes and within one of the richest areas for biodiversity in the world.