recovering ground

24 October to 04 December
recovering ground
when you come back to me
i badly want to touch you
the tide calls : air

RECOVERING GROUND is the latest collaboration between sculptor Lucy Gray and writer Leonie Charlton. Both artists live and work by Loch Etive on the west coast of Scotland and draw their inspiration from the landscape. Lucy collects materials from this environment and uses them in combination with traditional techniques and contemporary materials to create her mixed media sculptures. Leonie Charlton writes poetry, creative nonfiction and fiction; much of her writing is based on a sense of place, and our relationship with other species and the rest of the natural world. Through being present in the landscape Lucy and Leonie weave together words, textures and emotional responses, and in the spaces where their disciplines meet they explore the layering of place and self. RECOVERING GROUND looks at the connection, self-connection and balance found through being in landscape. The exhibition is a symbiosis of sculpture and poetry portraying our interconnectedness with the rest of the natural world, arguably never more important than right now in the heart of the Anthropocene. The exhibition is an invitation to extend our eyes into other ways of seeing and to deepen our listening.


Click here to listen to an audio recording of the poem Recovering Ground by Leonie Charlton
words by Leonie Charlton
read by Joanna Tope
music by Breagha Charlton