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lucy gray
bumblebee II
14 x 14 cm
22 x 22 cm (framed)
This monoprint has been created using an inked plate, indexical mark making, addition and subtraction of ink. Each print is unique. An image is created on the plate using the techniques above. The plate is then run through the press which transfers the image to the paper leaving almost no ink on the plate. The plate is then cleaned ready for a new image. The Bumblebee images were inspired by the bumblebees that crawl out from behind the shutters when the weather warms. They are almost dried with exhaustion- almost dead but not surrendered. To put one in the palm of your hand and feed it a drop of honey-water is a miraculous experience. As it feeds you see its body fill with life, joy, hope. They are, to me, a reminder of hope.
About the artist:

Lucy Gray is a sculptor who lives and works on the West Coast of Scotland. She uses the skills she gained during her sculpture degree (Central school of Art and Design 1st class BA Hons ) and her subsequent training in furniture restoration to create her beautifully made transformative mixed media sculptures. Her specialist work as a master gilder and lacquer restorer are clearly reflected in her work. She turned her focus to sculpting in 2012 and has since then exhibited widely across the country.

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