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joyce gunn cairns mbe
joyce gunn cairns mbe
04 June to 20 July

Resipole Studios is delighted to present a new body of work by Scottish artist Joyce Gunn Cairns MBE. Gunn Cairns' paintings speak to the human condition. With a subtle, muted palette and a sensitive, searching aesthetic, these apparently gentle works are at the same time direct and probing, revealing very much more than their surface appearance. Similarly, with her paintings and drawings of animals, Joyce Gunn Cairns gets beneath the surface to reveal something of the innate character of her subjects. 

110 x 80 cm
red cat
34 x 26 cm
knitting in lockdown 2020
110 x 50 cm
dreaming of cats
50 x 56 cm
birds on a wire
37 x 60 cm
108 x 58 cm

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