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jim wright
a break of light from the black mount
oil on board
24 x 29 cm
40 x 45 cm (framed)
About the artist:

Jim Wright’s work is an emotional response to his experiences in the more remote areas of the moors, mountains and coastline of Northern Britain where the landscape and weather conditions combine to create drama. The quality of the light is the distinctive element of his work. Jim has rekindled his love of the sea and his enthusiasm for surfing. This passion for the sea can be keenly felt in his series of semi abstract wave paintings, which portray the movement and explosive power of the water. He uses various media to bring contrast to his work; the oils, acrylics, and mixed media are often used in pieces inspired by the raw energy of the sea, whereas the pastels, laid over thin layers of oils, are his preferred choice to capture a soft diffusing light, creating a more moody atmosphere. Music plays a principal part in Jim’s life and time spent creating and performing music and listening to music is essential for the progression of his work. Since his move to fine art in 1998, Jim Wright has become an established landscape and seascape artist. 

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