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duncan macdonald johnson

Duncan MacDonald Johnson’s art represents an attempt to capture an experience of the landscape of The Western Highlands. Rather than trying to create a photographic sense of realism, he hopes to communicate something about the spirit of a place, drawing inspiration from its sounds and smells, its atmosphere, and the feelings it provokes. He sees his painting as being inseparable from his sense of belonging in the landscape. Often returning many times to a location to paint it, his paintings are infused with a consciousness of the passing of time and season. They seek to portray a truthful balance between ‘wild’ nature and the immense and ever-changing impact of human activity on the land.  Above all, his work is a series of responses to the landscape, encountered in solitude; of isolation and the feeling of vulnerability, or even fear, that comes with it, which can help attune the senses and intensify awareness in a way that is artistically productive. Duncan has exhibited in numerous galleries throughout Wales and has also had solo shows in London and Cambridge.

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