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anna bussot
ad astra - towards the stars
ink and watercolour on paper
50 x 50 cm
67 x 67 cm (framed)
About the artist:

Anna Bussot was born in Barcelona in 1956. She studied at the Centre d’Art and Design de l’Escola Massana, graduating in fire enamels and also has a degree in Painting and Drawing from the Faculty of Fine Arts in the University of Barcelona. Having spent many holidays in Scotland over the last twenty years, Anna’s work is inspired by field trip sketches, photos and several references from notes of her travels.

If one of the goals of art is to shape a view of the world, Anna's landscapes ask the viewer to move away from traditional landscaping. Her drawings are not so much a representation of a place but rather something closer to recreating an emotional truth; a claim of poetic experience where the union of outside world images are transformed into inner world images. They are invitations to escape to a magical environment, secret, intimate....

Anna's images explore the abstract sequence marked in the heart of a map, the direct perception of what is imagined, to finally represent the memory of that instant. Echoes of three scenarios that you can experience by looking and admiring them with your spirit.

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