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andrew squire
barn owl
oil on panel
10 x 15 cm
28.5 x 32.5 cm (framed)
About the artist:

Andrew's paintings reflect his deep love of wildlife and the natural world, and his concerns for its future. His compositions are structured and underpinned by his skilled draughtsmanship, close chromatic harmonies, and an expressive reduction to the essentials of each subject. Andrew trained as an architect at Manchester University in the 1970s, where he was exposed simultaneously to the influences of classic Modernist design and the beginnings of the radical community architecture movement. This was to shape his development as an artist in the creative melting pot of 1980's Glasgow, and during his subsequent travels. He uses a visual language of isolated iconic imagery, carefully positioned in a pictorial space which is as critical to the composition as the object itself, drawing on the Japanese concept of Ma. His enigmatic depictions of birds, beasts and human myth become thoughtful and disarming reflections on what links us and separates us as a species. 

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