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andrew sinclair | new works
andrew sinclair | new works
04 June to 31 July

We present a new selection of works by west coast of Scotland painter Andrew Sinclair: a joint exhibition with Joyce Gunn Cairns MBE. Painting solely in oils, in the manner of ‘chiaroscuro’ style, Sinclair uses strong contrasting tones to recreate the human form. Through his work, he presents a window into real-life scenes, including intimate compositions, larger group pieces, local landscapes and still lifes. ‘Using strong lighting on the subject assists in capturing the form and creating a dynamic solid composition. Through subtle narratives within the painting, an interaction develops between the viewer and the subjects portrayed.’ Andrew’s work exudes a certain spice, most likely picked up from some far-off land; a flavour he has successfully merged with his study of Highland locals. His distinctive palette, juxtaposed with the interplay of shadow and light, conjures a unique and individual style.

gone to bed
20 x 30 cm
setting sun on beinn resipol
60 x 100 cm
setting sun series III
15 x 30 cm
a cryptic
30 x 40 cm
setting sun series I
22 x 30 cm
evening light over laudale
15 x 20 cm
three jugs
30 x 30 cm
the autoharpist
60 x 50 cm
red rose
30 x 25 cm
bird watching
20 x 30 cm
welsh poppy
30 x 25 cm
vase with two flowers
30 x 25 cm
two flowers
30 x 25 cm
trade and commerce
50 x 60 cm
35 x 30 cm
one book
20 x 30 cm
setting sun series IV
30 x 60 cm
popular tales
25 x 30 cm
passing shadows over ardnamurchan
30 x 40cm

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