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gillian murray

Gillian Murray was born in Perth and studied Fine Art (Printmaking) at Aberdeen’s Gray’s School of Art. She worked for many years running the Screenprinting department at Edinburgh Printmakers before recently deciding to focus full time on her own practice. She lives and works in Edinburgh.

With a focus on landscape Murray seeks out quiet, remote locations, off the beaten path where she “can feel an affinity with the landscape”.  It is here that she makes sketches in which the ‘line’ is of prime importance. 

 “The ‘line’ . . . is the link between me physically being in a place drawing, to it appearing in my final screenprint. It is the constant in my work around which I then create planes of colour and textures to make the final print.”

“It is easy to be immersed in the process of printmaking.  Making layers, trying to get the colours just right and mixing subtle blends all add to the anticipation in revealing the final image from the press.  It is this combination of method and intuitiveness that keeps me fascinated by the printmaking medium.”

It is without doubt that Murray’s skill and sensitivity have come together in equal measure in these enticing and intriguing representations of the landscape.