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stephen french

Born in Clydebank in 1953, Stephen went to Dundee Art College to study painting, graduated BA in Drawing and Painting, and then won the Greenshields award to study painting in Paris.
He post-graduated MPhil in Fine Arts from Dundee University and has gone on to exhibit at the Pompidou Centre, Tokyo Museum of Art, the Barbican and the Victoria and Albert Museum.

Stephen spent his early career in figurative art but a motorbike accident in 1983 put an end to that.  Both his arms were broken and his finesse with the brush was significantly impaired.  The French solution was to follow a 'hands-free' art form and explore the world of design.  More than a decade later and with a variety of exhibitions and innovations notched up Stephen is revisiting his artist's palette. Stephen likes to surprise his audience. Now the artist known for his use of carpets embedded with fibre-optics, holographic blinds and defracting chairs, has moved full circle and is producing a series of what he calls 'fine charm'.  He says of his work ‘It's not fine art...I'd class it more as fine charm.  But the pictures have a certain quirky sense of humour which seems to appeal.'